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About Us

Our Beginnings

In the summer of 2017, artist Christopher Arndt received an email from an avid fan who was purchasing Christopher’s postcards at the Chicago Architecture Foundation in downtown Chicago, IL.

The Foundation had run out of their favorite postcard and wanted to know when more would arrive so they could send more postcards through Postcrossing.


Unfamiliar with Postcrossing, Christopher went on a mission to learn more. He quickly discovered a world of people who love to send, receive, and exchange postcards with others around the world. As Christopher learned more, he discovered they had a common problem: finding postcards to send—and if they did find any they were ugly, boring, and outdated.

Believing he could help, Christopher launched the Christopher Arndt Postcard Co™ in October 2017 starting with postcards from locations where he was already selling: Chicago, Door County, and Detroit.

Christopher placed an ad on with an offer of “3 Free Postcard Samples“. He believed if people could see and feel his postcards, they would agree they were holding something extra-ordinary.

As people began responding to the offer, they agreed these were no ordinary postcards. Orders began to come in from people all across the United States, along with requests for new postcard designs. To meet the growing demand, Christopher returned to the studio and began creating new artwork for the postcards. Since these humble beginnings, over 700 (and counting) new designs have been created in over 50 categories.

Printed with Love
As a small home-based business, we believe it’s important to support our local community. We proudly print all our postcards through the Rise & Shine Print Shop at NAMI in DuPage County, IL—whose mission is to provide support, advocacy, and education to individuals with mental illnesses.

While we pay more for our printing, we believe in the importance of their Job Readiness Program, which helps improve the quality of life for these individuals as they receive training in the skills they will use in meaningful mainstream employment.