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Airplane Postcards Update

Airplane Postcards Update

Christopher Arndt |

A few weeks ago we mentioned we began working on our newest postcard series: iconic airplanes of aviation history.

We provided an initial list of 15 airplanes—then asked for your feedback.

Many responded by either confirming the selections or offering ideas for other airplanes to consider.

We also learned that several of you are pilots. One customer is an aerodynamic performance engineer for Boeing (shout out to Kristina D.) Way cool!

Surprisingly, two airplanes were the source of much contention: the Spirit of St. Louis and Amelia Airhart's Lockheed Electra. For now, we're including them.

Currently, we've narrowed the list down to 18, which are as follows:

(These are not necessarily the images we will use to create the postcards.)

Airplane selections
Airplane selections

Stay tuned for more updates!