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Greetings from Kentucky

Greetings from Kentucky

Christopher Arndt |

Greetings from Kentucky!

If you're new to our newsletter, or just need a recap, we sold our house in Wheaton, IL—the place we've called home for over 25 years, raised 3 boys, and started this postcard business.

Moving truck

We packed up a 26' truck and drove all our earthly possessions to the beautiful state of Kentucky.

Our desire is to live on a hobby farm in Kentucky or Tennessee, but unfortunately, we didn't find a place before the sale of our home was complete.

For now we are bunking up in a small two-bedroom Airbnb in downtown Bowling Green, KY. ­


Since the postcard business is our primary source of income, the show must go on.

Within our cramped space we've managed to fit the majority of our inventory of 15,000+ postcards (an average of 24 qty of the 600 available selections) in the living room and one bedroom. ­

Fulfilling orders in the living room

Finally, we squeezed the computer and shipping station into the kitchen. Need a snack? Just turn around. ­ ­

Working in the kitchen

We are grateful to have everything we need to keep the business going. We are also thankful this is temporary!