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St Patrick's Day Postcards

St Patrick's Day Postcards

Christopher Arndt |

Greetins postcard friend!

(Have fun by reading this newsletter out loud using your best Irish accent).

Do ya see tat tere St. Patty's Day postcard up dere? Well, we and da lads had a whale of time creatin it fur yer.

Ah sure, it may feels like we're rushin the holidays wit the morrow bein Valentine's Day and all. But so far as we reckon we knows many of you likes a jump start to yer St. Patty's Day postcard sendin.

Deese whimsical postcards are a fun way to send yer St. Patty's greetins to all yer gals and pals.

St Patrick's Day postcard

But hold on to tem dere bloomin horses. We have anoter St. Patty's postcard fer yer merriment too.

So while yer happy leapin 'bout the place, click tere and order yer St. Patty's Day postcards today!

May the luck of the Irish be wit you dis week.