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Airplanes of Aviation History

Airplanes of Aviation History

Christopher Arndt |

Back in August 2022 we released the first of two sets of airplane postcards—Airplanes of WWII.

Today we are ecstatic to announce the release of the second set—Airplanes of Aviation History!

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First announced in February 2023, this set has been a long time coming.

For those who were with us on this journey, we asked for input on which airplanes we should consider. Based on your replies we narrowed the list down to 18 airplanes.

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Based on image availability and our own judgement, we narrowed the list further to the final 16 postcards shown here in this newsletter.

Of course, anytime we create a set we're certain to disappoint some people because we didn't include their favorite airplane. If that is you, we are happy to consider your recommendation if we update this set in the future.

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BONUS FEATURE: in next week's newsletter we're going to meet the photographer who took the image of the famous Lockheed Model 10 Electra seen in this set. You won't want to miss it!