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Meet an Aerial Photographer

Meet an Aerial Photographer

Christopher Arndt |

In last week's newsletter we announced the release of our newest postcard set—the long awaited Airplanes of Aviation History.

This week we're going to meet Christian Bramkamp, a photographer from Germany who photographed a rare Lockheed Model 10 Electra—one of the airplanes included in this new postcard set.

Back in October we did an email interview with Christian for this newsletter. Here is our wonderful conversation, accompanied by a few additional photographs from his adventures.


How did you get into aerial photography?

Due to a school project I was able to start my flying experience with gliders at the age of 13. One year later, I did my first solo flight.

During the following years I've visited a lot of airshows gaining my interest into Warbirds, which are still my favorites.

Photography itself isn't a hobby for me, it's a tool to create (and share) long lasting memories.


How are you able to be in the air to photograph other airplanes? Do you own a plane? Do you charter a plane? Do you coordinate ahead of time with the planes you are photographing?

Flying in close formation (down to two meters) is quite difficult and needs a lot of planning, organization, training, and briefing. Basically, the preparations will take much more effort and time than the flight itself.

Whenever possible (and available) I am chartering a Supervan 900 photoship (a modified Cessna 208 Caravan with stronger turbine) and a fix crew, which is a big plus in terms of safety.

Over the years we became a great team which is very helpful, knowing mutually what is needed. For me, the Supervan is perfect as it allows me to photograph out of a open door. Capable to fly from 80kn to 160kn, she has a great speed range for Warbirds and Jets.

In most cases I know ahead how I would like to photograph the subject, i.e. background, angle, distance, etc. It's then my job to prepare and brief everyone involved to realize my "vision".


When you photographed the Lockheed Model 10 Electra, are there any particular stories you can share regarding that particular photo shoot?

The photoflight took place quite early on a late summer day in the area of castle "Hohenzollern" in southern Germany, close to Stuttgart. It was and still is a very popular photoflying target for fast military jets during exercises over Germany.

Therefore, it was the airplane owners wish to capture the Electra (which was ferried across the Atlantic to Europe three months before) in front of the Castle.


Thank you Christian for sharing your love of airplanes and allowing us to feature one of your stunning images in our postcard set.

To view more of Christian's amazing photographs, you can view his portfolio here:


(The photos on this page were provided by Christian Bramkamp)