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Can you help us reach 1,000?

Can you help us reach 1,000?

Christopher Arndt |

In our last newsletter we went behind-the-scenes to visit the amazing people who print our postcards at our local Rise & Shine Print Shop.

We received many emails thanking us for supporting Rise & Shine and their Job Readiness Program—which helps participants affected by mental illness receive on-the-job training in the skills they will use in meaningful mainstream employment.

NAMI Participants

Despite recently moving 400 miles away, we will continue to print through Rise & Shine and support their program.

The challenge, however, is the additional expense associated with having the postcards shipped to us.

To offset this, we announced that on January 1, 2024, the price of our 4×6 postcards would increase to $1.25.

Many of you replied saying the increase would not impact your purchasing—especially knowing the increase meant the ongoing support of Rise & Shine.

However, the increase would affect others. So that got us thinking...

74,343 - Number of registered Postcrossing users in the United States

74,343—that's the number of registered Postcrossing users in the United States.

(If you are unfamiliar with Postcrossing, learn more here.)

If we could find a way to increase our overall sales, we wouldn't need to raise our postcard prices to offset the higher printer shipping costs.

So here's the thing: of that 74,343, it's estimated that 25% are active each month. That's 18,585.

18,585 active Postcrossing members

(I know, lots of numbers. Hang with me for a moment.)

If just .05% of the 18,585 purchased one postcard from us each year—our extra shipping costs would be covered. That's 1,000 new customers, buying one postcard, each year.

1,000 - Number of customers we need to buy a postcard

That shouldn't be so hard, should it?

Now here's the best part: you can help us achieve this goal!

Simply introducing ONE person to our dazzling postcards. When they purchase ONE postcard—the goal is easily met!

How cool is that?!? Who will you tell today?