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Cicada Apparel Collection Now Available

Cicada Apparel Collection Now Available

Christopher Arndt |

In last week's newsletter I mentioned I was working on cicada t-shirt designs.

"Um, Christopher, last I checked—you're a postcard company, not an apparel company, correct?"

As an astute observer—you would be correct!

As we look at postcard sales over the past few years, we've hit a plateau—and we're unsure if designing more and more postcards is the only answer.

As an experiment to diversify our revenue stream, we created a few cicada-themed designs (2 new and one from the Cicada postcard series) and uploaded them to our Etsy shop.

"Wait! What? You have an Etsy shop?"

Yes, and an Amazon and eBay shop too.

(However, due to their high seller fees, you will always find the best deal buying postcards directly from us.)

Any-hoo, we opted to use our Etsy shop since it integrated seamlessly with our apparel provider—

We have three t-shirt designs and one sweatshirt design available, along with two designs in child sizes.

We realize you're here primarily for our dazzling postcards.

But we know you like to be kept in the loop on other fun things we're working on.

Check out our cool Cicada apparel at our Etsy store today!