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Letters, Books, and More Postcard Update

Letters, Books, and More Postcard Update

Christopher Arndt |

In last week's newsletter I mentioned I would share the feedback received from the "Letters, Books, and More" postcard survey sent a few weeks ago.

Prior to starting the Christopher Arndt Postcard Co. in 2018, I spent 20+ years in the corporate and non-profit world.

In design meetings with clients, I would always start with:

"Attack the design; not the designer."

Since the survey was 100% anonymous, people attacked!

I loved it!

Seriously, I did. Since I don't like things sugar-coated, it was refreshing to hear people say what needed to be said.

It was the exact feedback I was looking for!

I read every single reply, took notes, and have been updating the designs accordingly. (A sampling of the final designs are shown in this newsletter).

If I were to summarize the feedback received, it would read something like this:

PERSON A: "I really like this!"
PERSON B: "I really don't like this."

Clearly some people like the theme and designs, while others not-so-much. And that's okay.

The cool part...people also shared new ideas I hadn't thought of. That means more exciting designs are being added!

Currently, I'm about halfway through designing. I anticipate a late May launch of this new series.