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I Want You to Vote Postcard

I Want You to Vote Postcard

Christopher Arndt |

Did you know today, September 20, 2023 is National Voter Registration Day? I wasn't aware. However, this got me thinking.

When I was younger, my attitude was basically: my vote doesn't matter.

However, the older I get, I'm realizing elections have consequences—and my vote DOES matter.

Regardless of your political persuasion, I believe we can agree that one of the great hallmarks of the United States is having officials accountable to us—the people. We bear the burden of electing officials thoughtfully and wisely.

But to exercise that right, one must vote.

Uncle Same saying "I Want you to Vote!"

Our "I Want You to Vote" postcards make a perfect reminder to hang on your fridge. Or send to a friend. Or send to a whole bunch of friends!

Also, if someone you know needs to register, have them simply visit

Wouldn't it be great to make the 2022 midterm elections one of the largest voter turnouts in U.S. history?

It could happen if we each do our part. Will you do yours?