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New Valentine's Day Stamps

New Valentine's Day Stamps

Christopher Arndt |

Did you hear?

The USPS is continuing its popular Love Series with two new stamps for 2023 — one featuring a kitten and the other a puppy.

Arndt they adorable? (See what I did there - "Arndt" and "Aren't"?) Well, maybe it's just a family joke.

Anyhoo, moving on...

The new stamps are scheduled to be available this week on Thursday, January 19th.

Granted they are Forever 60¢ stamps and not postcard stamps, but so many of you like to combine your stamps with your postcards, so I thought it was worthwhile to mention.

Valentine's Day postcards

Speaking of postcards - do you need Valentine's postcards? Well, you are in luck! We just so happen to carry those too. What are the odds?

In fact, we carry two designs—a squeezable panda bear and an explosion of red hearts!

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