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AI and Exploiting Artists

AI and Exploiting Artists

Christopher Arndt |

In yesterday’s newsletter, AI and Soulless Images, I tackled Part 3 in our 5-part series addressing the concerns of using AI-generated images.

Today we continue with Part 4 - Using AI to Exploit the Artist.

"Using AI as a cost-effective alternative to purchasing images from individual artists leads to a loss of livelihood for traditional artists."

Earlier I highlighted that I use my own images, open-licensed (Creative Commons), and public domain images for the postcard designs.

With Creative Commons images, the copyright holder has granted permission to use their images. With public domain images, the copyright has expired. In both cases, since these images are freely available to use, there is no loss of livelihood for artists.

Given the option, I prefer to license images, since professionally captured images are visually stunning and require less enhancement.

Unfortunately, print licenses are restrictive and exorbitantly priced. To cover these costs, I would need to sell hundreds—sometimes thousands—of each postcard.

As a home-based business, this poses a significant financial challenge.

Occasionally, I do license specific images when publicly available images are not available. For example, the Lockheed Model 10 Electra by Christian Bramkamp. Given its historical significance, I felt this airplane should be included in the "Airplanes of Aviation History" set.

In summary, since I'm currently using publicly available images, my purpose in using AI is not a cost-effective alternative to licensing images from individual artists.

Join me tomorrow for the final installment in this series, Part 5: Identifying AI images. Stay tuned!