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Clear Identification of AI-Generated Images

Clear Identification of AI-Generated Images

Christopher Arndt |

In yesterday’s newsletter, AI and Exploiting Artists, I tackled Part 4 in our 5-part series addressing the concerns of using AI-generated images.

Today we conclude our series with Part 5: Identifying AI images.

As you are aware, artists use a variety of tools to create their art. A painter may use a paintbrush. A sculptor uses a hammer and chisel. A digital artist uses a computer.

Just as a painting isn't labeled:
created using a paintbrush”, or

a sculpture labeled with:
created using a hammer and chisel”,

or digital art labeled with:
created using Photoshop”,

I never considered labeling an AI-generated image as
“generated using AI”.
However, I’m learning when it comes to AI, customers want the image identified.

The Christopher Arndt Postcard Co. is built on trust and transparency. Effective immediately, the following steps have been taken to clearly identify postcards imagined with AI:

1) The website includes a new “AI-Generatedcategory:

2) Image thumbnails include a green banner labeled with “Imagined with AI”:

3) The website postcard description includes:

4) “Imagined with AI” will be printed on the bottom-back of the postcard on new printings and reprints (current stock does not have this label).

I trust our clear labeling will help you quickly identify which postcards were imagined with the help of AI.

This concludes our 5-part series addressing the concerns regarding our use of AI. I trust you found this 5-part series beneficial.

Here is a recap of the series:

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PART 2 | AI and the Loss of Human Artistry
PART 3 | AI and Soulless images
PART 4 | AI and Exploiting Artists
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