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AI and Soulless images

AI and Soulless images

Christopher Arndt |

In yesterday’s newsletter, AI and the Loss of Human Artistry, I tackled Part 2 in our 5-part series addressing the concerns of using AI-generated images.

The response to yesterday's newsletter was divided. Some customers feel that:

"there is no human expression in the computer performance",

while others believe that:

"what you do is absolutely a form of art and don't let anyone tell you otherwise."

The topic of using AI in the creation process remains divisive. Today, we delve further into this with Part 3: AI and Soulless Images.

AI-generated images have a “look” many people don't like. Terms like "plastic, rubbery, lifeless, sterile, generic, and fake" have been used to describe the images.

I am still learning how to create with these new AI tools. I admit, when creating the cicada postcards, I was so captivated by the possibilities that I overlooked the details. However, with the upcoming "Letters, Books, and More" series, I've been more attentive to ensuring the details are just right.

From the survey responses received, most of you are not opposed to AI-generated images, you simply prefer postcards created from photographs.

Here are some quotes from the survey (edited for brevity):

“I would prefer the actual photo on a postcard. I would rather see it like it is!...”

“I don’t mind AI photos but it is nice to have real photography on postcards also...”

“I liked your painted photo style better.”

“I felt the [images]...lost the realism that I have grown to love with your postcards created from photographs. I think your enhanced photographs are what make your postcards unique and special."

Rest assured I am not abandoning my photo-painting style.

As mentioned previously, I used AI to create the cicada series due to the unavailability of preexisting images. Furthermore, in my pursuit of an illustrated "cottagecore" ambiance for the upcoming "Letters, Books, and More" postcards—and again not finding existing artwork—I turned to AI to bring my vision to life.

In future postcard designs, my emphasis will remain on using photography and illustrations, while tastefully designing with AI as appropriate.

Join me tomorrow for Part 4: AI and Exploiting Artists. Stay tuned.