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Letters, Books, and More - Now Available

Letters, Books, and More - Now Available

Christopher Arndt |

At last, the long-awaited Letters, Books, and More postcard series is available for pre-order!

This whimsical set features 14 fantasy settings in an illustrative 'cottagecore' style, brought to life with the help of AI.

Speaking of AI, many have expressed their appreciation for last week's 5-part series on Designing Postcards in the Age of AI. If you missed the series, you can read it here.

Drumroll, please! Step into a world of wonder with this captivating collection of 14 dazzling designs:

You may have noticed I only showed 13 postcards above, saving one of my favorites for last.

In the feedback received for this series, it was suggested to incorporate "The Bookworm" painting by Carl Spitzweg, which being in the public domain, made for a perfect addition.

Looking at his whimsical painting, I wondered what this scene would look like if one were to "zoom out"? Using AI, here is the imaginative rendition created:

I hope you find as much joy in this new series as I did in creating it.

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