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USA State Postcards Update | See the Progress

USA State Postcards Update | See the Progress

Christopher Arndt |

You may recall last August I asked if the "Greetings From" state postcards should be redesigned. The overwhelming response was a resounding "Yes!"

Of course, some people liked the postcards the way they were. Above is a before-and-after.

In an effort to find a middle ground, I stayed with the same layout but updated the colors to be more bold, bright, and cheerful.

In addition, I added icons to add interest to the list of facts. Here's a quick look at 4 of them:

USA State Postcards work-in-progress

One major request was to include the state flag. I originally planned to insert the flag inside the shape of the state but quickly discovered the colors clashed. So instead, the back of the postcard will feature the flag:

Back design concept art
Stay tuned for more updates!